Who is C4C?


Founded 2012

Pete formed Team C4C in 2012 in order to make an impact on the lives of those who suffer with disease. Pete raced Bicycle Moto Cross (BMX) from 1976 to 1982 as a sponsored racer and road and mountain bikes from 1980 to 2004. Having worked in the bicycle industry for both G.T. Bicycles and KHS, it's easy to see that cycling has been a huge part of his life.

Pete is married with three children and they all love cycling and participating in Ride the Rockies together. It’s not uncommon to see Pete and his daughter on their tandem bike climbing a mountain pass, or the whole family cycling and smiling as they ride the local streets.

They love seeing lives changed and give the glory to God as they strive to make an impact in the lives of those who suffer.

Gregg and Yancey

Founded 2012

Gregg started small by struggling to raise the minimum $250 for BikeMS in 1998 and riding 150 miles in a weekend to raise money for several people he knew with MS. In 2006, he joined a growing cycling team that was focused on raising funds through a couple charity rides. Gregg took over as captain of that team in 2010. In 2012, the team was in need of a sponsor and Gregg contacted Pete Robinson to propose merging Pete’s Clean Management team with Gregg’s team. Pete shared his vision of Team C4C and the decision was made! Gregg is proud Team C4C has ridden in several events around the country to raise funds for a number of charities and plans to increase that number this year! Team C4C is making a difference!

Gregg married his wonderful wife, Yancey, in 1987. He is a proud dad to Debbie (married to Blake), and grandfather to Daniel, Sarah, and Luke. Gregg is blessed to ride for and in memory of a long and growing list of friends, family members, coworkers, and acquaintances with MS, cancer, diabetes and mental health issues. Soli Deo Gloria!

Ben and Kelli

Joined 2015

Ben and Kelli started riding 15 years ago. They ride to stay fit and love to meet people with the same interests. They have ridden LOTJA twice as a team, BikeMS, and other organized rides, and they ride almost daily to spend good time together. They were introduce to Team C4C by our their friend Pete. They always look forward to being with this great group of people trying to make a difference for a few!


Joined 2012

Bruce joined Team C4C in 2012 in order to ride the MS150 with his best friend Pete Robinson. Pete has been an inspiration to Bruce for many years for all that he has done to raise awareness and funding for causes such as MS, the Huntsman Cancer Center and several other worthy charities. Pete showed Bruce just how much it meant to sacrifice his time and energy for a young lady named Jody who was suffering from advanced stages of diabetes and other medical problems over which she had no control. Bruce was touched to visit Jody with Pete at University Hospital in Salt Lake City. Jody said how much it meant to know that Team C4C was riding for her and others like her. Jody is gone now, but Team C4C continues to ride in memory of Jody and other friends and loved ones who have either passed away or are suffering currently with MS, Cancer, Diabetes and other medical maladies for which there is no cure. Bruce feels blessed to be part of such a great group of folks who are giving of themselves so that others might have a better future.

Bruce is married to Shelli and has 3 wonderful daughters, 1 incredible son-in-law and 2 granddaughters.


Joined 2016

Dennis started cycling extensively when his girls tired of weekend hikes with the family. Now cycling is one of his passions. He commutes daily to the University of Utah where he is a faculty member in Internal Medicine and Biochemistry. Much of his riding has been solo over the years and he became intrigued with a social outlet in cycling. He found the C4C website and became interested in the group and their cause of cycling with a purpose.

He is married to Lauri who also loves cycling. They are doing their first Vermont Bike Tour ride in Solvenia this fall. They have three grown girls and three grand-daughters who live in New York. Dennis and Lauri are active members of Mount Olympus Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake.


Joined 2012

Derek rides for those who are struggling with cancer and other diseases that we can help raise awareness for. Derek started riding road bikes when Pete introduced him to the sport 8 or 9 years ago. When he was younger he spent hours riding for fun and cycling provided some of his most enjoyable childhood memories. He lost that experience until he started riding again on C4C rides with family and friends. He enjoy riding up the canyons or for a quick ride up Suncrest in the mornings. Derek as 3 kids, another reason why cycling is important to him - he wants to stay healthy and be there for his family as long as possible.


Joined 2016

Fred joined C4C because of the genuine personal interest by C4C members in each person for whom we ride. He has found particular reward in orienting friends and family to Team C4C as he has asked for names of those who are suffering to “carry along” on team rides. There are times when knowing that someone simply cares about you and your challenges is the most valuable kind of support.

Fred and his late wife Maggie both had personal and extended family exposure to cancer. While there is often loss associated with disease, he has been privileged to see and benefit from significant advances over the years. Developments like that don’t happen by accident. Fred believes that it's gratifying to be associated with a team that contributes in the larger context, but also remembers that inevitably disease is intimately personal to someone and is willing to engage people at that level.

Fred is a Grandpa in good standing with 8 grandchildren divided between Salt Lake, Vermont, and Georgia. It’s a wonderful job! The oldest is a college sophomore and the youngest is in second grade.


Joined 2015

John is the oldest of six children. He went to Utah State university and graduated with his bachelors in accounting. He has been active all his life and was introduced to road biking last year and fell in love with the sport. He loves that he can take off at a moment's notice and be outdoors enjoying the fresh air.

Last year John did the Cache Valley Century, which was his first century. It was a great goal to achieve after only being on the bike a couple of months. The experience was eye opening to the level of fitness and endurance it takes to accomplish.

John rides with C4C for his mother, who passed away from breast cancer at the young age of 36, when John was only 17. It was a difficult time for his family since his youngest sibling was only a couple of years old. His grandmother stepped in and helped raise the younger kids. The following year, John graduated from high school and then served a mission for his church in Sydney, Australia. When he returned home he attended college. Through those experiences and struggles he has become a stronger individual. He knows that someday we can beat cancer and we should always keep hope in our hearts.

Lloyd and Katie

Joined 2015

Lloyd and Katie have only been riding bikes for a few years. They started mountain biking first and then decided long distance rides sounded like fun. Their great neighbors, the Morningstars, invited them to join C4C this year and be part of a wonderful reason to ride bikes. Both Lloyd and Katie have many friends and relatives that have battled cancer, diabetes, and mental illness and are glad to ride for their loved ones. They are the parents of 3 children and have been married for 20 years. Lloyd has owned his own business for 25 years and loves his job. Katie works for Lloyd, helps coach soccer, and plays softball, soccer, and volleyball. They are both excited to be part of Team C4C.

Mark, Daniel, and David

Joined 2012

Mark and his sons Daniel and David have been riding with C4C since 2012. They previously rode with Gregg on the Western Neurological team. Mark started riding in 2009 at the invitation of a friend and his sons joined him the next year. Of course it didn't take them long to be able to drop Mark on the climbs! They ride together frequently for enjoyment and with C4C on organized charity rides.

Mark rides for his mother and father-in-law who both died of cancer.

Daniel and David are also frequent mountain bike riders. They continue the active life in the winter by skiing - Daniel is a ski and snowboard instructor at Snowbird. Mark spins year round to keep up his endurance to help with the cycling season.

Matt and Brittney

Joined 2014

Matt and Brittney ride for a niece who suffers everyday from diabetes and for family and friends who have fought or who are currently fighting cancer. They know that our struggles are minor compared to some of their loved ones who fight for their lives everyday!

Peter and Carrie

Joined in 2015

Carrie has been riding off and on since 2002 when one of her clients invited to her to join a cycling group. She tried it once, ended up buying a bike and never looked back. What a feeling it is to rush through the streets with the wind at her back (hopefully)!

Carrie joined C4C because she likes the idea of remembering people while we ride. She has seen many loved ones suffer from Cancer, Alzheimer's, Type I diabetes and MS. Those who have passed on are still in her heart and those currently fighting are on her mind. She met a wonderful woman while riding in her first Little Red ride. They ended up riding together and as they and became friends she shared with Carrie that she was going in for surgery the next day for 2 separate forms of cancer. What a strong person. She enriched Carrie's life without even knowing it. Awareness, research and especially showing love to those suffering is why Carrie rides.

Carrie is a personal trainer by trade and currently a ski instructor. She loves the outdoors. She is the mom of 3 wonderful boys and they try to make cycling a family affair.

Peter started riding in 2002. He is happy to be back in the saddle after a back injury sustained while riding the Warrior 100. He joined C4C to show love and support to family members who suffer from diabetes, cancer and MS. While Peter can't ease their burden, he can show love by remembering them while he rides.

Peter is a University Professor, a father of 3 sons, and a proud dog owner.


Joined 2015

Rochelle bought her first road bike, a Nishiki Olympic 12, while in high school, with dreams of riding the seventeen miles from her parents’ home in San Diego to the beach. It wasn’t long before she was riding around campus at BYU and soon she’d “upgraded” to a motorcycle. Twenty plus years, two engineering degrees, and three kids later she dusted off some dreams and began training for her first triathlon--a sprint distance race that incentivized her to buy another road bike. The realization soon hit that cycling was her favorite of the three sports. She completed her first century ride two weeks after running her first marathon, in 2011. These days she views cycling as a fun way to get in shape, stay in shape, and feel like a kid again; being married to the world’s most embarrassing dad, she’s considered the serious one in the family. Rochelle currently works as the Director of Training for an engineering software company in Orem.


Joined 2015

Shaun has been an avid cyclist since 1974 when he received his first 10 speed for his 10th birthday. He loved that bike so much that he kept it in his room at night! Shaun grew up in Lake Tahoe, and that bike gave him the freedom to explore all over the Lake Tahoe basin.

In the mid 90's Shaun was living in Colorado Springs and working as an Army Flight Surgeon. Colorado has some very sweet singletrack and he fell in love with mountain biking. He eventually became an Army Orthopedic Surgeon, and the most interesting place that he has cycled was around the Air Force Base in Balad, Iraq. He had to wear a Kevlar helmet and vest to do so!

Shaun rides for the many men and women that he was able to care for and treat as a surgeon in Iraq--many of whom lost the ability to ride bikes. He and his wife, Carolyn, are the parents of 5 children, all of whom are avid cyclists. He has now retired from the military and lives in Utah. Shaun looks forward to exploring the roads and mountains of this great state while logging cycling miles for a good cause.

Steve and Jamie

Joined 2015 and 2014

Jamie is a wife, mother of 4 exuberant kiddos, full-time software product manager, and in her spare time stays sane cycling and bike commuting. Jamie started riding seriously in 2012 and surprised herself and her whole family by falling in love with the sport and clocking more than 2400 miles in her first year alone.

Once Steve saw all the fun Jamie was having on two wheels, he just had to get in on the action and completed his first century in the spring of 2015. Steve likes going downhill. Fast.

Steve and Jamie ride in honor of Steve's mother, Sharon, who they lost to ovarian cancer in 2011, as well as for several friends currently fighting cancer.


Joined 2015

For years Zach used running to stay in shape and get outdoors. But over the past several years, he found his knees less and less cooperative toward running. Finally, he found running uncomfortable enough that he stopped. As you might guess, the lack of exercise began to take its toll physically and mentally. In August 2014, his health had deteriorated to the point that he knew he had to make some changes. Cycling seemed like the obvious choice… low impact and still outdoors. He put road tires on his 10 year-old mountain bike and started pedaling. What started as a way to get exercise quickly became an obsession. He fell in love with riding. After spending the fall of 2014 trying to keep up with his friends on road bikes, he went all-in, bought a road bike and joined C4C.

Zach loves C4C because it recognizes that cycling can be so much more than pedaling a bike or racing. Cycling for Zach means time with his family, community with other cyclists, and an opportunity to reach out to others through fundraising, service, and riding for other people. Currently, Zach rides for a friend who is struggling with a tough combination of post-operative cancer complications and heart disease. He also rides for the memory of his Dad, who he lost to pancreatic cancer almost 15 years ago.

When not on his bike, Zach is a high school chemistry teacher, father to 2 terrific kids (Cody and Jessica) and husband to the world’s greatest wife, Karla. As a family, they love to ski, camp, travel, and invest in their church community at CenterPoint Church.

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