What is C4C?

C4C stands for “Cycle for Cure.” We are a group of like-minded cyclists who are passionate about riding in general, but we especially love to ride for a purpose. We enjoy riding long distances in order to raise funds to fight debilitating and life-threatening diseases. We know many people who suffer with cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and other serious diseases. We hold each person afflicted with these diseases in our hearts as we ride, praying for them and dedicating the journey to them.

Team C4C began in 2013 when two very good teams merged to form one great team!

The Clean Management Team (founded by Pete Robinson in the early 2000's) was involved in fundraising rides around the country, raising money for several disease-fighting causes. Pete always wanted to grow the size of the team in order to have a greater impact for the many people he knew who were afflicted with terrible diseases. Check out more history on the Clean Management Team in this cool clip from KSL News Salt Lake City.

Team Western Neuro (founded in 2007 as Team ATK) had boasted as many as 150 members, but was primarily focused on BikeMS. After the 2012 season, Western Neurological Associates shifted their sponsorship focus to the BikeMS event, leaving the team (captained by Gregg Chapman) without a sponsor.

Pete and Gregg had known each other for around 20 years, meeting in San Luis Obispo, California. Their families had moved to Utah and kept in touch over the years. During a phone call, the conversation turned to cycling. Pete expressed the desire to grow his team and Gregg expressed his team’s need for a sponsor (and his personal desire to ride with Pete!). The two realized a merger was a great opportunity for both teams, and the rest is history!

In the last two years, Team C4C has participated in many rides: BikeMS, Huntsman 140, ULCER (Utah Lake Century Epic Ride), Tour de Cure, RACER (Royal Athletic Century Epic Ride), Ride the Rockies, GLMR (Gary Ludlow Memorial Ride), Salt Lake Century, Moab Skinny Tire Festival, Front Runner Century, Little Red Riding Hood, and more.  By riding in these events, we have contributed to organizations that provide sufferers with financial and medical aid, day-to-day life training, and funding for treatment and cure research. Great strides have been made in research in the last few years, leading to new treatment options and the discovery of disease mechanisms, some of which appear to act similarly across diseases. New disease-altering treatments have been developed and approved based on these discoveries, making us very hopeful the discovery of cures will begin occurring in the next few years!

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