Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ending 2016 - and Starting 2017!

We finished 2016 with a bunch of super fun rides:
Several C4Cers rode the Seattle to Portland ride
We had a great turnout for To the Moon and Back, a ride in the High Uintas to end child trafficking

And the Tour de Donut was our season finale! We had 7 cyclists and a unicyclist compete

We placed very well with 2 first place age group finishes (Dennis and Marcia), a 2nd place and 2nd place overall for women (Jamie), first in the unicycle division (not a real category, but a champion in our hearts - Ben), and we took first place as a team! We flew on the backs of Gregg and Steve, who ate 14 and 17 donuts respectively. Gentlemen, we salute you.

Of course, we love to ride, we love to ride together, and we love to ride for great causes like ending child trafficking and the Rotary Club. But the very best part of Team C4C now and always are the personal connections we make with everybody we ride for. Carrying somebody who is sick or hurting on the saddle with us, praying for them, and dedicating our rides to them is what keeps us going.

We never give up!

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