Sunday, July 19, 2015

GLMR 2015 - This Ride's for Us

Saturday brought the 2015 GLMR Ride, a ride to raise awareness and funds for mental illness. The GLMR is a small ride with fewer than 300 riders but the aid stations were well-stocked, the course was lovely, and the weather couldn't have been better. We definitely recommend adding GLMR to your ride calendar next year.

As a part of team Cycle 4 Cure, my husband Steve and I get so many chances raise money and awareness for tough diseases. Even better than that, we get to ride for people we love, encouraging them and dedicating rides and prayers to their health and wholeness.

Halfway through Saturday's GLMR ride, my teammate Zach leaned over and asked, "So, who are you riding for today?" And the answer was easy, "This one's for us."

Mental illness affects 1 in 4 Americans, many of whom fight in silence because of the stigma of mental illness. Our family story has been  dramatically affected by mental illness - we know the pain and hard, hard work of regaining mental health. Some fight daily, some fight in spurts and cycles, and some, like us, are grateful to be in a time of stability and monitoring.

Saturday was a celebration of our physical, mental, emotional, and relational health (all three hard work to be sure!). It was a time to get out into Utah's amazing countryside and revel in time together on two wheels. It was a time of gratitude for our story so far and prayer for the chapters to come.

Saturday's ride was for us.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Huntsman 140 and Bike MS 150

The big June rides have come and Team C4C enjoyed a marvelous showing in both the Huntsman 140 and Bike MS 150. We were proud to do some serious fundraising for big causes and cover some serious miles in honor of those who are suffering.  But more than anything we were proud to ride for those who we have loved and lost and those who continue to fight - that's the heart of Team C4C.

Fundraising for both the Huntsman 140 and Bike MS continues for a few more weeks, and if you would like to donate to either of these fine organizations you can click on these links to make a team donation. All donations are tax deductible and you can give online or pledge your support and send in a check.

Our thousands of miles are tough, but not nearly as tough as the daily struggles of those fighting MS, cancer, diabetes, mental illness, and other serious diseases. We ride to encourage their spirits and we Cycle 4 Cure.