Sunday, November 29, 2015

Late Summer Rides

Team C4C had a strong end-of-season showing. We enjoyed a beautiful August and September cycling together as a team - training our bodies, enjoying the community of our team, and praying for those in pain and need.

We climbed up to Snowbird...

We rode the inaugural To the Moon and Back ride in the High Uintas to raise money and awareness for trafficking...

We performed especially well at the Rotary Club's Tour de Donut capturing first place in the tandem division...

And we competed in the Snowbird Hill Climb...

It was a great end to a beautiful year - now to bring the trainers indoors, enjoy some snow, and dream about the 2016 season!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Honoring Rob Bateman

Last week we lost one of our own, Team C4C member Rob Bateman.

Rob was fully committed to the purposes of Team C4C. Here's what Rob shared with Cycling Utah Magazine in this August's issue: “I enjoy riding with a team that wants to make a difference in the lives of others. It impresses me that a group of people at all different levels of ability would start an event with prayer for those who are afflicted and would dedicate their exertions to finding a cure for the illnesses of others. This takes something that we all love to do (cycling) and gives it meaning beyond self.”
Rob became hooked on cycling as a teenager in Germany, where his father was stationed with the US Army. He found that cycling in the mountains gave him a powerful sense of freedom while requiring a real commitment in return.

His own career in the US Foreign Service and later, with ProModel Corporation, took him to more than 60 other countries. After serving as mayor of Eagle Mountain (2000) and finishing his PhD at the University of Utah (2003), he began riding long events in Utah and Idaho.

Since 2005, he spent most of the year in the Middle East where he taught public administration and international business. His training usually consisted of rides through the desert where he dodged the occasional camel or oryx. He cycled with Team C4C during summers at home in Utah with his six children and their families.

Rob's mother, DeNai Bateman (nee McMullin), passed away last year from complications associated with multiple myeloma, a rare form of bone cancer. Her life of compassion and service was extended for eight years by experimental treatments developed through medical research. Rob rode in her memory and in hope that funds raised through his cycling could ease the lives of others with serious illness.

Team C4C honors Rob's memory and offers its condolences and prayers to the entire Bateman family. We will all miss Rob's love of cycling, his tenacity, and his generosity of spirit.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Spotlight on Team C4C

Check out the C4C Team Spotlight in the August issue of Cycling Utah Magazine!

Team Cycle 4 Cure Rides with Purpose

by Jamie Morningstar

Last month I climbed Squaw Peak on an organized training ride with my club, Team Cycle 4 Cure. It had all the elements of a good club ride: a nice turnout of folks in matching jerseys, a ride leader to help me patch the broken spoke I earned halfway up the mountain, zippity-fast leaders that left me feeling far too slow crawling up those 1,800 vertical feet (we’ll be kind and blame the broken spoke for the slog up the mountain).

But this was a Team Cycle 4 Cure (C4C) ride, which meant it was no ordinary club ride. It’s what was - who was - waiting for us at the top of Squaw Peak that made this and every C4C ride so special. At the top we met two families fighting cancer and one fighting MS. They weren’t there to cheer for us; it was us cheering, climbing, and struggling on their behalf. It’s what makes every ride with Team C4C different - every ride is about carrying somebody along in our hearts as we ride.

Team C4C was formed in 2013 to bring like-minded cyclists together to ride for a purpose. We all love to ride and love to build our own cycling skills and encourage cyclists of all levels to dig deeper. It is a recreational club with thirty members with a wide range of cycling skill and experience. Many members of Team C4C had not participated in any organized riding before joining the team and C4C provides training and opportunities to get stronger, cover more miles, and ride with confidence in a group.

Bike skills are only the beginning of Team C4C’s purpose. Team members participate in fundraising and awareness rides to raise money to fund cures for tough diseases from MS to diabetes to cancer to mental illness. The team has already raised more than $11,000 in the first half of 2015 to support organizations like the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Huntsman Cancer Institute, American Diabetes Association, and many others to fund programs and research for those fighting serious illness.

But what really sets Team Cycle 4 Cure apart for its members and beneficiaries is the personal aspect of every ride. Each rider is encouraged to choose a friend or loved one who is struggling with a serious condition and “carry them along” as a symbolic passenger for the ride. This includes sending the recipient photos or memorabilia from the ride, filming short video tributes while riding, or simply just acknowledging in the heart of every rider that each painful or challenging mile pales in comparison to the struggles of loved ones who fight terrible diseases. I speak from experience that I can dig a lot deeper and ride a lot harder when I remember that I’m riding for people who are suffering.

Team member Rob Bateman sums it up like this: “I enjoy riding with a team that wants to make a difference in the lives of others. It impresses me that a group of people at all different levels of ability would start an event with prayer for those who are afflicted and would dedicate their exertions to finding a cure for the illnesses of others. This takes something that we all love to do (cycling) and gives it meaning beyond self.”

It can be easy for to underestimate the impact that Team C4C’s simple encouragements can make in the lives of those we ride for. I wonder, “how much good can my little acts of support do for my friends who are fighting uphill battles against cancer and other serious diseases?”

And then I hear the stories from those whose spirits were lifted and who had a little more energy to fight another day because of the big hearts of Team Cycle 4 Cure. My friend Tom is fighting hard against melanoma and as he was reflecting on Team C4C he shared that “knowing C4C is riding for me is incredible; they have been a huge encouragement through a pretty difficult time. Having a group of people who are thinking about me, praying for me, and standing behind me, provides a huge boost emotionally and that gives me the courage needed to keep my chin up and push on! Team C4C is making a difference.”

And that’s why I Cycle 4 Cure.

If you’re interested in joining, sponsoring, or learning more about Team Cycle 4 Cure, check out our website at or email

Thursday, August 6, 2015

What is C4C all about?

Wondering what C4C is all about? Check out our new video!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

GLMR 2015 - This Ride's for Us

Saturday brought the 2015 GLMR Ride, a ride to raise awareness and funds for mental illness. The GLMR is a small ride with fewer than 300 riders but the aid stations were well-stocked, the course was lovely, and the weather couldn't have been better. We definitely recommend adding GLMR to your ride calendar next year.

As a part of team Cycle 4 Cure, my husband Steve and I get so many chances raise money and awareness for tough diseases. Even better than that, we get to ride for people we love, encouraging them and dedicating rides and prayers to their health and wholeness.

Halfway through Saturday's GLMR ride, my teammate Zach leaned over and asked, "So, who are you riding for today?" And the answer was easy, "This one's for us."

Mental illness affects 1 in 4 Americans, many of whom fight in silence because of the stigma of mental illness. Our family story has been  dramatically affected by mental illness - we know the pain and hard, hard work of regaining mental health. Some fight daily, some fight in spurts and cycles, and some, like us, are grateful to be in a time of stability and monitoring.

Saturday was a celebration of our physical, mental, emotional, and relational health (all three hard work to be sure!). It was a time to get out into Utah's amazing countryside and revel in time together on two wheels. It was a time of gratitude for our story so far and prayer for the chapters to come.

Saturday's ride was for us.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Huntsman 140 and Bike MS 150

The big June rides have come and Team C4C enjoyed a marvelous showing in both the Huntsman 140 and Bike MS 150. We were proud to do some serious fundraising for big causes and cover some serious miles in honor of those who are suffering.  But more than anything we were proud to ride for those who we have loved and lost and those who continue to fight - that's the heart of Team C4C.

Fundraising for both the Huntsman 140 and Bike MS continues for a few more weeks, and if you would like to donate to either of these fine organizations you can click on these links to make a team donation. All donations are tax deductible and you can give online or pledge your support and send in a check.

Our thousands of miles are tough, but not nearly as tough as the daily struggles of those fighting MS, cancer, diabetes, mental illness, and other serious diseases. We ride to encourage their spirits and we Cycle 4 Cure.

Monday, June 15, 2015

June Rides

Team C4C has been kicking it in June, riding big miles and bringing big encouragement (and fundraising dollars!) to folks fighting uphill battles. So far June has brought us the Tour de Cure to benefit the American Diabetes Association and Little Red Riding Hood for the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

And that's just the beginning!

June also brings us the Huntsman 140 and Bike MS - click on these links to make a team donation or to post your encouragement for the team!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Early Season Rides

Moab Skinny Tire Festival
Welcome to cycling season! We've had a good early season here at Team C4C, riding in 3 organized rides already this year. We've had a great time and raising money and awareness for cancer research, Crohn's Disease, and the University of Utah Medical Center.

Front Runner Century

Salt Lake Gran Fondo

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bike MS Supermodels

Look who made the national poster for Bike MS! Team C4C is looking good. 
Bike MS is one of Team C4C's biggest rides of the year. If you'd like to donate to Bike MS, we'd sure appreciate your support - you can donate online on our team page or talk to any member of Team C4C for details and our individual fundraising pages.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Team Profile - Gregg

Whether we know it or not, we all know many people with serious afflictions such as MS, cancer, diabetes and mental health disorders. Several wonderful organizations exist for the purpose of investing in medical research to find cures for these and other diseases. What many don’t know is these organizations do so much more for families dealing with disease. They provide sufferers with education, community, counseling, equipment, scholarships, and physical assistance. The also provide the rest of us an opportunity to come alongside sufferers and join them in their journey. A difference is being made!

Gregg started small by struggling to raise the minimum $250 for BikeMS in 1998 and riding 150 miles in a weekend to raise money for several people he knew with MS. In 2006, he joined a growing cycling team that was focused on raising funds through a couple charity rides. Gregg took over as captain of that team in 2010. In 2012, the team was in need of a sponsor and Gregg contacted Pete Robinson to propose merging Pete’s Clean Management team with Gregg’s team. Pete shared his vision of Team C4C and the decision was made! Gregg is proud Team C4C has ridden in several events around the country to raise funds for a number of charities and plans to increase that number this year! Team C4C is making a difference!

Gregg married his wonderful wife, Yancey, in 1997. He is a proud dad to Debbie (married to Blake), and grandfather to Daniel, Sarah, and Luke. Gregg is blessed to ride for and in memory of a long and growing list of friends, family members, coworkers, and acquaintances with MS, cancer, diabetes and mental health issues. Soli Deo Gloria!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pete's Tips and Tricks #2 (Bike Fit)

Our bodies change, and so does our flexibility. Bike fit is usually one of those things that we sample with and more often than not we get it wrong. We wonder why our knees, neck and lower backs hurt as well as our feet, the OUCH is often associated with a poor fitting bicycle. Two years ago I decided to take me and my trusty steed up to Contender Bikes in SLC for a Pro Fit, I knew they where working with Dr. Max Testa and thought I'd give it a go. I was amazed with the high tech video and sticky things all over my body in order to measure me on the bicycle. After the fitting they allow you to keep the DVD as well as a print out of the measurements so that you can set up another bike if need be. The cost at that time was $125.00 - After spending the money you would think I'd have been upset to find that the only thing wrong was that I was running my saddle a bit low. I wasn't upset at all and after all these years was happy that I had been doing some things right with my fitting and it really was money well spent. If you're serious about injury free miles and getting the most performance out of your trusty steed then I highly suggest that you get a professional fitting. So often we spend the BIG money on a nice bike, helmet and shoes and NOT on the most important thing of all, the fit.

When you purchase a bike it is usually set up for a general classification of body type and usually people are not "off the rack" sized. It's cheap to change the stem, bars and saddle and usually these are the culprits. Don't forget a cleat fitting is a MUST because many a knee injury is associated with improper fitting cleats and shoes. If you've never had a pro fit, it might be a good consideration to start the season out looking like you and your bike are made for each other.

PS- That quick fit they gave you when you purchased your bike is NOT a pro fit, consider that a free saddle adjustment that more often than not is incorrect.

Pete's Training Tips & Tricks Part One (Base Miles)

Part One: Base Miles and the importance of building a strong mileage base for the cycling season.

Without building a strong base you open yourself up to injury and or a miserable time in the saddle. A good base makes ALL the difference and after about 600 miles in those legs you will start feeling as one with your bike and those knees will be nice and lubed up just like your chain. I take things very slow during my base building and my philosophy has always been "Spin to Win." Early on for the first 400 to 600 miles I am running very easy gearing and often do not even get into the large front chain ring (BIG RING). I am spinning and not pushing those monster gears that you see many rookies doing this time of year, those BIG gears can ruin your knees if you don't have the base to handle the stress. By spinning an easy gear you are giving your muscles time to remember all that you put them through last season (yes muscles do have memory) and you're also building a good cardio base as well. Building a strong mileage base is also a good time to get fit with your cycling buddies that are also just starting out. Just to give you an idea, on Saturday I took a 40 mile ride that took me almost two hours to complete, I did hills and flat but rather than stand and hammering up those short steep climbs I sat back and spun some easy gears. I was totally spent cardio wise at the top of those short climbs but my legs were fresh as daisies. I got passed by many cyclist on Saturday and watched as they hammered the BIG RING and put down the hammer chewing me up like I was on a 60 pound Huffy. I simply smiled and thought about May and June when these legs will be ready and this two hour ride will be done in one hour. By May I will have well over 1000 miles in my legs and will be ready to send them into action, my spin will be perfected, my cardio will be great and I'll be ready for any ride. If you train now and start building your base miles come May and June you will feel so much better on the bike, You will show up at the MS150 and be ready to pull the rest of us home and do it in style. Remember...Don't worry about going fast or pushing BIG GEARS right now, spin the pedals, work on a smooth high cadence because it will pay BIG dividends when you put the BIG RING into action.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Roots of C4C

Curious about how Team C4C started and what keeps us going? Here's a very cool Salt Lake City news clip from 2009 where one of our founders, Pete Robinson, talks about why he rides, why he pulled the team together, and what each ride means to him.

Check out the full text of the spotlight as well as more video options at